Video, Animation, and Graphic Design

Instructional Video Editing and Production

Videos in a series
NASA’s One Year Mission
Early Career Initiative Videos
Human Research Program NASA
Astronaut At A Glance

Stand Alone Videos
“NASA Technology and Innovation, Past Award Recipients” Writer/Producer/Director Edit by Jason Stember

“NASA Technology and Innovation” Writer / Producer Edit/Animation by Jason Stember, Voice Over by Cromerty York

“Micro-g NExT Opportunity” Writer / Producer / Director. Edit by Tristan McKnight

“Heart of The Mission” Writer Producer / Edit by Jason Stember

“What it Micro Gravity?” writer producer / edited by Keith Stephens
With participation from Astronauts, Cady Coleman and Reid Wiseman

“WRS Water Recycling Video” Writer, Producer; edit by Kristen Seafous

“How To Make Guacamole”
Writer, Producer, Director; Talent, Adam Redden

“NASA’s NBL, We’re open for business”
Writer, Producer; Edit by Clayton Moorhead and Jason Stember

“AES Suit Procedure” editor